Martin Pryce Leather Artisan

 One evening during 1968 I went to Woverhampton Civic Hall to see John Mayall's Blusebreakers. When John came on stage he was wearing pretty much all leather. I knew from being in the fan club that he made much of his on gear. Looking extremely cool he was sporting a leather fringed shoulder bag. I thought it looked great and I wanted one that I could wear when I got up on stage with my own band.

I kept thinking about it all night, so much so that when I got home I asked my mother if I could have my fathers old leather army waistcoat. She said "Yes, what do you want it for ?". I said that I was going to make a shoulder bag from it, just like John Mayall's. So off I went armed with a pair of hairdressing scissors and mums Singer hand sewing machine. I tore the lining from the waistcoat and there was this perfect suede nap on the other side of the leather, just wat I wanted. I then produced my first fringed suede bag. Friends and other people saw it and before long I was taking orders. There a lot was more to come.


Written by Martin Pryce — July 08, 2013