Martin Pryce Leather Artisan

Recently a couple of guys came to visit me at my shop in Pepper Lane, Ludlow. The one guy was Rupert Beven who explained that he made bespoke furniture and specialised in interior finishes to commission, including antiqued mirror glass and contract furniture. Rupert's studio happens to be near to Ludlow and has a show room in London. Rupert then introduced me to his friend Bill Amberg. Bill told me that he too worked with leather specialising to leather interiors, such as flooring, walls and even leather curtains right through to simple mobile phone cases.


Bill's radical approach to working with this tactile product leather is really quite fascinating. The video blog within his website is worthy of a look. He explains all about leather, the different types, the animals that it comes from, the processes of how it is tanned and what leather is good for which products. Bill works out of his studio in London and has a shop in London's, Mayfair. At Bill Amberg Studio craftsmen, designers and collaborators strive to use leather in bespoke ways that means this gift from nature is adapted to enhance.

As Bill says, Never underestimate leather. That is in terms of quality, versatility, and adaptability.

Clearly an impressive guy in the world of leather, Bill Amberg liked what I was doing in my studio, shop in Ludlow and followed up with a phone call to me a few weeks after his visit. He explained that he writes articles for "How To Spend It" magazine that is featured with the Financial Times and that he was including me and my shop in the next article.       

In early June, along with my daughter, media expert, Catherine Pryce, and after a full on trip around London and Brighton sourcing new leather, we paid a visit to Bill's studio in London. What a exciting meet we had, with Bill showing us around and explaining his new ventures. We both came away full of inspiration for the future. Having been making leather products for over forty years, I thought I new about leather, but with Bill's insight, I now know even more. I guess we just keep on learning. Thank you Bill. 


Written by Martin Pryce — July 02, 2013